Agile Certified Practitioner (ACP)® Exam Prep Course – 2016 Updates [CA]

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Martin VanDerSchouw



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This course covers the functions and features of Agile Certified Practitioner to prepare you for your certification exam. Participants will learn about the application process and the exam, Agile principles, dynamic systems development, and value-driven delivery. They will also learn about stakeholder engagement, boosting team performance, adaptive planning, problem detection and resolution and continuous improvement.

Course Taught By: Martin VanDerSchouw

21 PDUs/CEUs
The Process 16m
The Exam                            23m
Agile Principles & Mindset 2h 4m
Dynamic Systems Development (DSDM) 54m
Value-Driven Delivery 1h 32m
Stakeholder Engagement 58m
Boosting Team Performance 30m
Adaptive Planning 42m
Problem Detection & Resolution 43m
Continuous Improvement 23m

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