Configuring Windows Devices Course [CA]

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Patrick Loner



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This course describes how to configure Windows devices. Participants will learn about what's new in Windows 10 and how to deploy it, configuring device settings, connecting Windows 10 to networks, sharing data and printers, managing apps, securing Windows 10 devices, monitoring, and maintaining Windows 10, managing users in the enterprise, managing desktops and applications in the enterprise, and managing devices in the enterprise.

Course Taught By: Patrick Loner

17 CEUs
What’s New in Windows 10       1hr
Windows 10 Deployment             2hr 3m
Deploying Virtual Windows 10 Desktops 37m
Configuring Device Settings 2hr 7m
Connecting Windows 10 to Networks     1hr 49m
Sharing Data and Printers             1hr 46m
Managing Apps                 32m
Securing Windows 10 Devices 1hr 26m
Monitoring and Maintaining Windows 10 1hr 16m
Managing Users in the Enterprise 39m
Managing Desktops and Applications in the Enterprise 1hr 1m
Managing Devices in the Enterprise 41m

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