Certified Security Sentinel (CSS) Course [CA]

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Randy Kohler



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This course covers everything you need to know about becoming a Certified Security Sentinel. Participants will learn about basic security, user awareness, implementing countermeasures, certified security sentinel, using the Internet at work, accessing the company's network through the assigned computer, accessing the corporate network remotely, social engineering, understanding and manipulating target, and researching target.

Course Taught By: Randy Kohler

5 CEUs
Basic Security 17m
User Awareness 27m
Implementing Countermeasures 9m
Certified Security Sentinel 16m
Using the Internet at Work 23m
Accessing the Company's Network Through Your Assigned Computer 19m
Accessing the Corporate Network Remotely 10m
Social Engineering 13m
Understanding and Manipulating our Target 16m
Researching Our Target 11m

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