Certified Information Systems Security Officer (CISSO) Course [CA]

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Kevin Henry



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This course covers everything you need to know about becoming a Certified Information Systems Security Officer. Participants will learn about risk management, security management, authentication, access control, security models, operations security, symmetric cryptography and hashing, asymmetric cryptography and PKI, network connections, network protocols and devices, telephony, VPNs and wireless, security architecture, software development security, database security and system development, business continuity, disaster recovery, incident management, law, and ethics, and physical security.

Course Taught By: Kevin Henry

23 CEUs
Risk Management 58m
Security Management 58m
Authentication 1hr 2m
Access Control 1hr 20m
Security Models 1hr 2m
Operations Security 1hr 11m
Symmetric Cryptography and Hashing 1hr 19m
Asymmetric Cryptography and PKI 1hr 31m
Network Connections 1hr 29m
Network Protocols and Devices                 1hr 32m
Telephony, VPNs and Wireless 1hr 13m
Security Architecture     1hr 3m
Software Development Security 1hr 5m
Database Security and System Development 1hr
Malware and Software Attacks 17m
Business Continuity 44m
Disaster Recovery 53m
Incident Management, Law, and Ethics 1hr 6m
Physical                38m

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