Certified Digital Forensics Examiner (CDFE) Course


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180 days with 3 set question bank

This course covers everything you need to know about becoming a certified digital forensics examiner. Participants will learn about computer forensic incidents, the investigation process, disk storage concepts, digital acquisition & analysis, forensic examination protocols, digital evidence protocols, CFI theory, digital evidence presentation, computer forensic laboratory protocols, computer forensic processing, digital forensics reporting, specialized artifact recovery, e-Discovery and ESI, cell phone forensics, USB forensics, incident handling, PDA forensics, and investigating harassment.

Course Taught By: Johnny Justice

10 CEUs
Introduction 13m
Computer Forensic Incidents 28m
Investigation Process 54m
Disk Storage Concepts 31m
Digital Acquisition & Analysis       24m
Forensic Examination Protocols 25m
Digital Evidence Protocols 21m
CFI Theory 25m
Digital Evidence Presentation 22m
Computer Forensic Laboratory Protocols 33m
Computer Forensic Processing 22m
Digital Forensics Reporting 20m
Specialized Artifact Recovery 46m
e-Discovery and ESI 12m
Cell Phone Forensics      21m
Incident Handling 36m
PDA Forensics 23m
Investigating Harassment 14m

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